Happy Thanksgiving!!! :)

I hope everyone's Thanksgiving has been more than amazing!!! :) I know mine has!! Today we cooked all morning and had some super scrumptious food at around 2:30!! We made turkey, pea salad, deviled eggs, stuffing, spinach, bread, mash potatoes, mac n cheese, and rice pudding!!! We also bought some pumpkin pie because I have yet to learn how to make one! :) hehe My stomach is super duper happy right now.... But most of all I am thankful for everything in my life! I came up with.....

12 things I am most thankful for!!! <3

  • Kyle 
  • My Family
  • My friends
  • My lovely readers 
  • My pups 
  • all the wonderful food we had today 
  • being at the end of my bachelors degree
  • being healthy
  • The food that God provides to eat everyday because many people don't have that blessing
  • my home
  • The opportunity to have the most amazing Father anyone could ever have
  • The soldiers that have fought and still fight for our freedom! 


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