Hippity Hop to the Beat Wednesdays! :)

Good Day lovelies!!! This week has been STRESSFUL, my new classes started and I am overwhelmed. Thank goodness they are my last 2 classes as an undergraduate but nonetheless this girl has some serious senioritis!!!! Anyways, the song that I am super digging this week is Wide Awake by Katy Perry!! I absolutely love this song!!!!! I hope you enjoy it as much as I am enjoying it!!!!


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  1. I love your blog and I love this song! I guess I probably love Katy Perry...period ;)
    Like you I have a passion for psychology and just last year finished my School Psychology grad program. I wanted to say hello to you since you have some fun things to say in your blog!
    I've kinda restarted mine recently to use as a little journal ;)

    Come by and visit!