I LOVE LISTS!!!!!!!! Like I'm obsessed with them, I LOVE MAKING THEM.  But what ends up happening is I have lists EVERYWHERE.  From my samsung snote to sticky notes to random pages in my notebooks to my filofax (that I recently sold *cries* I'll tell you why in a minute).  So in order to counteract all the not so organized lists, I scoured the internet in search for something that would stop it (since in my goals for the year I have GET ORGANIZED).  This is when I found bullet journaling, if you don't know what that is well you should look it up because it's GENIUS.  If you want to also add to the organization and find something that helps you time manage you should also check out spiraldex because I'm about to start using it soon because it's awesome too!!!! Okay so the reason why I sold my filofax was that well it was TOO big and I had to leave it at home all the time because it didn't fit into my purse (and now diaper bag that is super cute that it doubles as my purse) so I started not using my filofax as often which made me quite sad because I LOVE it.  This is when I decided that it was best that I part ways with my lovely A5 yellow finsbury because I wanted a new one, probably a personal filofax.  Well because they are so expensive I decided to add another goal into the array of goals I already have.  Since I found the bullet journaling I decided to buy a notebook that I could bullet journal in and IF I use all of it, then I can buy a new filofax (which gives me time to save up for it).

GOALS I'm adding to my YEARLY GOALS:

  • bullet journal
  • buy a new filofax
  • get better at time management
  • blog more often (okay you caught me this is already in my yearly goals, but I thought I should remind myself) so I guess in the world of bullet journaling I should put an arrow ------>

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