Surviving Motherhood: Sleep training edition

I am a first time mom and with that comes a lot of firsts and lets face it, times when we have NO IDEA what we are doing. I took this thing called "sleep training" with a grain of salt. Not that I was fully skeptical about it, but I thought OHHHH I won't need to do that.  So fast forward to the present and welllll Aria is not sleeping through the night. What do I mean by she isn't sleeping through the night, she is basically waking up more than 2 times a night.  Let us go through her sleeping the past 10 months.  At 2 months she was sleeping about 6 hours during the night (WOOOHOOO right?) and she slept that way until about 6 months. This is when we moved to San Antonio and into our new house.  First of all, not only did she not sleep through the night but she decided I don't want to sleep in my pack and play OR my crib. Ummmm HELLO that's where she's been sleeping since she was born, so we took a step back and got through it and finally had her sleeping again. She was sleeping 10-12 hours at this point. Kyle and I were in HEAVEN to say the least, then came teething.  So teething started and she started waking up at all hours of the night, and this lasted until her teeth broke through (bottom two to be exact). So they broke through and you would think that she would just go back to sleeping again, welllll you thought(as did we) wrong. Aria then started waking up 1-2 times a night, which wasn't THAT big of deal to me because she would wake up and then I'd give her a bottle or put her back to sleep.  Then came her first ear infection, she was running really high fevers and we made the BIGGEST mistake of all and let her sleep with us and now she wants to sleep with us.  So we went to the Dr. and we got antibiotics, which she is allergic to and she broke out in a rash.  Well now her rash is gone and she is not having it going back to her crib. Like you know crying at the top of lungs not having it.  We are literally at our wits end, we don't know what to do.  We have tried it all well at least I thought we had, and we even gave in and tried the cry it out method that the pediatrician suggested (which I do not like and by the way does not work with Aria) This is when I start thinking I'm the worst mom ever, then I google sleep training without cry it out method and there is a lot of information and it gives me hope.  Then I YouTubed sleep training a 10 month old and lo and behold I'm not the only one in the battlefield called sleep training.  You guys do not know how great it feels to know I'm not the only one out there that has a 10 month old(plus) that isn't sleeping through the night.  I also don't mean it as though I am the only one with this problem in a conceited way, but sometimes when you are where we are, well you feel realllllllly ALONE.  Although I'm not happy that we are in this boat, at least I'm not the only one sailing into hopefully a better nights sleep!!!!!
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are there any advice you used with your baby? or have heard of any advice? seriously I'm ALL ears!!!!

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