I'm sitting here typing my blog out on my laptop. Kind of makes me feel like Carrie Bradshaw! :) Although she had New York reading her article, and I have like 1 maybe 2 readers...Okay my last post was about my summer list and that was quite a while ago. Since then I have started my scrapbook, found a place that I will be moving to July 23, and got accepted to Texas A&M! I'm super excited I cannot wait to start(I cannot believe that I am actually saying that) so I can feel useful again! Finding a job seems quite impossible! So my blog background is under construction O.o. HTML is HARD to figure out, so hopefully with the help of Fallon I can get it to look better. I have been reading blogs and hopefully finding some inspiration on what to do with my blog, I am super new at blogging and I don't know how interesting I really am(which is probably not very) I have read some pretty interesting blogs, and none that are like mine. After all I am just an average girl trying to make it in a big city... *sigh*  So let me ask you this... What would Carrie Bradshaw do?

Until next time! Have a great Week...


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  1. oo I bet that Carrie Bradshaw would start writing a super cute blog if Sex and the City was still going on. Have you been on galadarling.com ? She lives in NYC and really reminds me of Carrie! One of my favorite blogs. But don't underestimate yourself! You are no ordinary girl or blogger!! You are a super awesome and very interesting girl!! You will find your blogging style and build up a following of readers! It just takes some time!