The Social Network of games?... or just an APP?

As many people these days, I am a proud owner of an iPhone and am addicted to Words With Friends. This phone is AWESOME I loooove it.... the apps keep me interested and so do the games. Well last year in December I started playing words with friends with Kyle and at the time I did not know how BIG this game is. Now I really believe it could be the social networking of games. It's a REVOLUTION, well at least I think it is. The reason why I say this is because EVERYONE is playing it, if you post that you have it like 10 people respond saying: add me my name is ______. So you begin to build a network of the people you know or the people you meet while playing the game. Even Celebrities think it's the new Social Network as quoted by John Mayer "The 'Words with Friends' app is the new Twitter" on his Twitter post... there you go that is all I need to think this could really be a place where people go to network :)... hehehe Well at least in my opinion....

Until Next Time! Have an amazing rest of the Week...OH and if you don't have Words with Friends I suggest you get it! :)



  1. I've never heard of this app!! I must check it out now!!

  2. well if you get it! my name on there is Pinkfireflies