Vacation Time....... soon =)

In the summer list that I started at the beginning of the summer I had written a summer vacation with Kyle. Well my fellow readers... it's decided..... We are going to *pauses for drum roll* Galveston Texas! You might not think it's oh soooo awesome, BUT I do! ahh I'm super excited! They have the most amazing aquarium and I looooove the lovely sea animals! <3 They make my heart happy as one of my awesome friends would say! (Jacque) Well the aquarium is inside a Pyramid... YES a pyramid and there are 3 pyramids.. the first one which is of course the "aquarium", the next one is the "rain forest", and the last one is a "discovery" pyramid. At the Pyramids they have rides, cruises, IMAX movies. OHHH so exciting, not to mention the beach. I better pack some sun screen! I cannot wait until I go and take lots of pictures to share with y'all. I've been perusing the internet and found some pictures of Galveston:

 These are the Pyramids! :)

 The awesome beach!

Until Next Time!.. Have a fantabulous Week!

Ana :)

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