Whatever you do. DO NOT PRESS THE RED BUTTON.. well only if you pay me!

I have this theory of why freeways get congested, it is terribly not true but it explains a lot of things in my opinion. Why is it that besides accidents or construction all of a sudden the freeway is backed up? Well the reason is that there is a RED button someone presses that makes freeways congested.OH! I also believe that the only reason that person exists is because someone who is very grumpy all the time hired and highly pays the person to push it. HMPH! Even though it is a "theory"  sometimes it is the only explanation to why the road all of sudden stops and then out of no where it starts moving again. So I thought I would share my theory with y 'all! :)

Hope y'all have an amazing weekend!




  1. Hi Ana! :) thank u soo much for chckng out my blog & following me back :) ur posts r interestng kp them cmg! Oh i play words wth friends tooo :) whr u frm? Hw ws ur vactn? Have followed u s well! N pls dnt thk no1 reads ur blog :) 2 is always btter than none! Cheers! Xoxo :)

  2. hey ana i replied to ur comment on my blog whooops! ;) hahaha... ummm whts ur twitter account btw so i can follow you! cheers! :)

  3. Dear Ana be nana, that is my new name for you. yup. Why have you fallen off the face of the earth???? <3J