Randomness =P and a farewell to a laptop

So today I was going through my twitter texts and Kat Von D(one of my idols)  was replying to someone on twitter that said that they probably didn’t take many photos because they realize that the best ones are committed to memory. So I got to thinking maybe that is why I am not so good at taking photos, I never really get the OMG I need to take a photo of that because in my mind I already have the photo. Then realizing that the photo I should have taken would be GREAT in my blog. Ugh the tragedy. Anyways I am truly sorry that my blog has been super duper lonely without any sort of post. I am trying to get better at blogging but then I don’t so now I will really really really work on it. I have started working on everything that I must share about my wonderful trip with y’all but it is not quite done, I started writing it whilst I was in class today. YES I DO OTHER STUFF THAN PAY ATTENTION bahaha, okay not all of the time but that class is REALLY boring and I thought I would fall asleep if I didn’t occupy my time otherwise. I also would have blogged but my computer decided to DIE on me. Yes its true RIP and farewell my laptop, you have given me the most wonderful 4 years of my laptop college life. So I bid Oakley (yes my laptop had a name) a last farewell while I write in this blog and then think about how I really need it right about now. *Must come up with a contingency plan*

And…. I HAVE to make a sex and the city reference. When Carrie’s computer DIED on her in the middle of an article that she was writing and then Aiden tried to fix it and then it really died hahaha. I love sex and the city! <3 

Until next time,

Ana =)

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  1. awh rip oakley. Sadness. It was a great computer. I still remember the day you bought it.