Lets go to the Zoo?... YES PLEASE!!!!!!!

If you know me you know that nothing gets me more excited than zoo's and aquariums! So when Kyle asked me do you want to go to the zoo on Sunday i didn't think twice before saying YES!!!! I'v got to warn you this post is going to be photo heavy =P

Cute Kangaroo scratching its belly!!! 

An Alligator laying by the light... probably tanning haha

My love and me <3

my proudest moment because I actually took a good photo
what a cute rhino! 


My mom and me!!!! 
A fossa eating a rat! *YUM* hahah


ANTEATER!! ahhhh :)

Ohhh just hanging around! =P

An American Bald Eagle!!!!

I hope you enjoyed my trip to the zoo as much as me!!!!!!


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  1. oh, so that's what it looks like? I only got as far as the rude parking attendant. -_- lol <3