I love lists Thursday: What I'm looking forward too! :)

With the new semester already in progress, many times it is hard to get excited or motivated about class. Especially since it feels like I've been in college for waaaay too long. When my motivation falters I like to make a list of goals or things that I am looking forward too to give me a little boost!
10 Things I'm looking forward too
1. Halloween!!!! 
2. Thanksgiving 
3. MY NEW PHONE! ( I am trying something new and switching to a droid instead of my iPhone. I'm really nervous about it lol)
4. Christmas and the fun decorations
5. taking a floral and cake decoration class with my mom
6. GRADUATING IN THE SPRING!!!! (i just got the good news haha)
7. Learning new hair styles
8. Grey's Anatomy
9. My tattoo (I have been waiting to get one for a while and I have finally decided to do it)
10. Some nice weather!!!! :)



  1. Wow, all of those things are great to look forward to. Hi! I'm Sam. I stumbled across your blog recently and I love what I'm seeing :) I've also been playing the clarinet for a long time now. 7 years :)


  2. I love the list those are some great things!