I Love lists Thursdays!!!

I love lists, there is absolutely no doubt about it. Which also means I looove To Do Lists. I am a really forgetful person, if I have to do something and I don't write it down well you can forget it. I won't remember to do it!! If you look at my to do lists you might find something that goes a little like this:

10 To Do Lists

1) A bills to do lists... which tell me what day I need to pay them
2) If I am going on vacation I make a list on what I need to get when I'm at the store
3) and when the day comes to leave I make a list of things I need to make sure I packed in my car
4) Things I need to get done that day
5) Homework to do lists
6) stuff I need to get done at school (i.e. call everyone that left voicemails)
7) Grocery lists
8) Goals I want to accomplish that day, that week, month, or year
9) T.V. shows I need to put on my DVR for a certain day
10) What I want to do on my blog that week :))

Ana <3

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