Hippity hop to the beat Wednesdays

So its no secret that I LOOOVE music! It makes me happy! So why not share a song that I am totally loving today or this week with you lovelies!!! So I am officially making it hippity how to the beat Wednesdays!!! :) The song that is making me want to get off this chair and dance my butt off is Take it off by Ke$ha! Soo be sure to grab your fantastical self and start dancing!!!

Have you heard a song today that has made you want to stop what you are doing and DANCE???



  1. the song that makes me feel like this is:

    heart it races by architecture in helsinki.

    i just can't deny it. :)

  2. Lol I am totally going to go listen to that song! woot woot =)

  3. I have never seen the video to this song! It's crazy! I really like the song If I Had You by Adam Lambert right now!