MY person! (I'm thinking only she'll understand this) =P

 (totally took this from her FB page =) hehe)

 Yesterday brought the beginning, tomorrow brings the end, and somewhere in the middle we became the best of friends.  ~Author Unknown

 Today is my best friend Fallon's birthday! So I thought I would dedicate a post to her! We met in the spring semester of my freshman year at college. The first time I saw here I was like OMG she's like the best clarinet player EVER, little did I know she would become one of my best friends.  I can count on her for anything, talk to her about anything, act like a total dork and know that she is acting like one right next to me, know that she will understand anything I'm going through, and know that I'll do the same right back! I am truly blessed to have met her! So this is me wishing her a super special day and tell her that I am here for her whenever!!! Woo Woo can't wait till this weekend to celebrate her birthday! Love you and have a HAPPY BIRTHDAY Sista!!! 


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