30 Day Blog Challenge: Day 3, 4, and 5

I have to warn you! This post is full of pictures :) hehe

Day 3. My first Love

 Okay so my first love was Tommy Oliver more popularly known as the "green/white ranger" from the power rangers. Ohh boy did I have a crush on him.. and looking up his pictures on google has me thinking that I had a good taste in men when I was a child haha. Because he is still super cute! ha ha

Okay lets gets serious though my first love is and will always be Kyle! I am the luckiest girl in the GALAXY! Lucky to have such an amazing, smart, funny, loving man by my side. 

Day 4. My Parents
This is my wonderful mom! I love her soo much... She's probably my best friend in the entire world, I can tell her anything and we talk ALLL the time! :) hehe She's awesome and she cooks the best food EVEEERR!!!

Day 5. My siblings

"My Stooges"
"Fallon and I"

Although these girls are not my "blood sisters"  I consider them my sisters! they are awesome! I can tell these girls ANYTHING and EVERYTHING! I don't know what I would do without them....

Other than that I don't have siblings, I'm the only child! It sucked but it had it's perks! haha

I hope your week is fantastic!


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