30 Day Blog Challenge Time!!!

I have been reading a few blogs and I saw that they were doing the 30 day blog challenge and I thought HEY! a challenge I'm up for it! I have had a super bad bloggers block lately and what better way to get over it than this! So I am going to do the 30 day blog challenge and hopefully you lovelies will get to know me better! :) Here is what you might expect for the next 30 days... along with my entries aside from my challenge.... hehe :

Day 1. Introduce, Recent Pic, and 15 random fact about me

Day 2. Meaning Behind my blog name

Day 3. My first Love

Day 4. My Parents

Day 5. My siblings

Day 6. A pick of something that makes me happy!

Day 7. Favorite Movies

Day 8. A place I've traveled to

Day 9. A picture of my friends

Day 10. Something I'm afraid of

Day 11. Favorite T.V. Shows

Day 12. What I believe

Day 13. Goals

Day 14. A picture I love

Day 15. Bible Verse

Day 16. Dream house

Day 17. Something I'm looking forward to

Day 18. Something I regret

Day 19. Something I miss

Day 20. Nicknames

Day 21. Picture of myself

Day 22. Favorite City

Day 23. Favorite Vacation

Day 24. Something I've learned

Day 25. iPod on shuffle 1st 10 songs :)

Day 26. Picture of my Family

Day 27. Pets

Day 28. Something that stresses me out

Day 29. Wishes

Day 30. A picture

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