Catching up Part 3 :)

Day 22 Fav. City

If there was a city that was meant for me live in it is Dallas! I loove it here!! It's big but not TOO big, and it has EVERYTHING! The world is my oyster here! ha ha Or shall I say the city! :) haha

 Day 23 Fav. Vacation

By far my favorite vacation was when we went to Galveston this past summer! It was beautiful and relaxing! Not to mention I spent it with my love!!!! :)

Day 24 Something I've learned

Ohhh what have I not learned!!! :) I've learned who my real friends and not so real friends are, I've learned that everything in life doesn't always happen the way we plan it, life is short, and that love is the most powerful thing that God ever created! <3


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