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Day 18 Something I regret

If I had to chose something I regret, although I don't believe in regrets because I hate the what ifs and might have beens because obviously if it were meant to be it would have been! But since I absolutely HAVE to pick ha ha I would say getting better grades in college! O.o That is the only if I could change I would change it! But I can say this I have definitely learned for my mistakes woot! :) 

 Day 19 Something I miss 

Ohhh what do I miss!! I def. miss my dad, he was everything! When he walked into a room it would brighten and he was always making jokes and was an inspiration!!! I was absolutely daddy's little girl!!! I shared every single thing with him, and not having him around has been hard and knowing he won't be there to walk me down the isle is even harder! But I know he's watching over me! I also miss hanging out with my mom!!! She's the best! <3 but soon enough she'll be moving down here and we'll hang out again YAY!

Day 20  Nicknames

hmm... Ana banana, Pinkie, Banana, Nana, Anita, and Anana, are what come to mind!!! :)

Day 21  Picture of Myself 


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