As the clock stikes 12....

As the clock strikes 12 I can feel it in mah bones!!!! 2011 is going to be filled with nothing but amazing and wonderful possibilities! As many of you know new years resolutions don't always happen quite the way we plan it! So.... This year I pledge to: (there are 11 for the year 2011 hehe)

1) Love myself more!

2) Lose some weight

3) try to limit blue days and negativity

4) get better grades

5) organize myself

6) take more pictures and scrapbook more often

7) procrastinate less often

8) cook at home regularly

9) be more positive!

10) take more pictures!!!!! (I really do need to get better! with my new camera and all) ha ha

11) and make it the BEST YEAR EVER!!!!!

what about you lovelies, have any new years resolutions or  pledges (or whatever it is you want to do) for this wonderful year?!

COMING SOON: what I got for christmas!!!!


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