Life isn't always quite exactly as we know it.......

So tonight Kyle and I had a spontaneous date, OH how I love my Boyfriend!!! :) We went to see Life as we know it (which was really good and I totally recommend it)... but apparently life wasn't quite exactly how we know it. Let me explain that a little clearer... whilst the movie started I all of a sudden caught a whiff of a smell, what was the smell you ask? Oh you know it was just Marijuana... yes you read correctly, some guy a few rows in front of us was smoking pot in a MOVIE THEATER! I was baffled at first and even contemplated going to complain but then I decided against it, you ask why? well because I have somehow misplaced my wonderful brain, I totally should have because it would have been wonderful to get rid of my super sore throat as I was finally managing to do. But now it's back and with a vengeance, all because some guy decided to smoke some pot. *sighs* What has the world come to? *shrugs* Because I had no clue. On a better note (not that my date was spoiled because I had a good time despite the pot) I have decided to invest my money on a macbook!! I'm so excited because I have been wanting to get a MAC for a very long time as I am completely OVER PC's!!!! :) SO... with that I will leave you with this.... (hehe)


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