I love my stooges!!!

Okay as you lovelies know I went to one of my best friends wedding last weekend and it was absolutely wonderful! Okay i'll tell you a bit about my friend and our history. Lets go back to my freshman year of college. It was August 2006 and it was time to move into my dorm room and start summer band. Well I meet these two girls by the name of Jessica and Jennifer and I instantly connected with them! These two girls to this day just get ME.. I love them with all my heart. Anyways needless to say we were attached to the hip, did everything together, and right away we get nicknames. (The Three Stooges) We were trouble makers bahaha... We played dart wars at our marching band practice field (after hours haha), go into an ex's apt (at the time not an ex) and dart his WHOLE apartment... and no he did not get mad..  and that is one of the MANY things we did... well this weekend Jenn and I were in Jessica's wedding and OMG emotions, I totally cried and I am super happy for her. She looked absolutely beautiful!!!!

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  1. forking Jessicas ex's yard. Making mud on my ex's car. ;) Good timesssss :D