Hippity Hop to the Beat Wednesdays!!

(photo via: Weheartit)

Lately I've been doing something that I haven't done in a really long time. I have been listening to a different station on Pandora!!! I usually listen to some country station that I've created over time.... but the other day while I was driving to class (which btw is a 45 min commute) I switched the channel and I heard a song by a band that I am totally obsessed with. That band is Theory of a Deadman... if you have never heard them you should! They are quite good... well it got me thinking... if I found this amazing band maybe I should start trying to expand my music artist knowledge and so this week that is exactly what I am doing. So today the song that I will share with you is from Parachute and the song is named Kiss me Slowly!! I hope you enjoy because I know I am enjoying broadening my music knowledge!!! <3

Let me know what ya think!! :)


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