Hippity Hop to the Beat Wednesdays!!!

This song came into my head yesterday when I was reading one of my friends blogs!(you can check out her blog here, it's really cute and inspiring) After not many good days last week this song always helps out and cheers me up a bit. Because although life throws many curve balls and as we all know that plenty of those curve balls aren't always good. We all seem to have really strong skin even when we think we don't believe it and we do survive. I've been watching a T.V. show about high school and I remember how terrible it was sometimes and with this song I wanted to let all you high school girls/boys that read my blog (if there are any high school people reading my blog) and let you guys know that you will survive and it does get better. :-) I also know that this song is about a man, but you can also substitute it with life in general. :) hehe  So here goes lovelies!!