So this past weekend Kyle and I went to Galveston! It was so much fun.... So on Saturday Kyle and I went to League city and went to lunch and shopped!!  when we got back we decided to go down to the beach and right before we left.... Kyle kissed me, got down on one knee and proposed! I was soo shocked, totally didn't see it coming I mean I knew it would happen one day but it was super super surprising and wonderful and totally unexplainable. I love that man and I am so stoked to spend the rest of my life with him! ahhh I'm still on cloud 9!!! :)))) So this begins the count down to our wedding and much much planning! ohhhhh I cannot wait!!! We have no idea when the wedding will be but hopefully I will be posting the details soon~! woot woot!! ahhhhh SQUEEEEEE

my beautiful ring!! <3 hehe

Ana :)

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