Things I love about Texas!~

A few days ago it felt like spring, we had 80 degree weather I was wearing shorts and tanks and today I'm wearing long sleeve shirts, leggings, and boots because there is a winter storm going on! OH how wonderful Texas weather is!! I love Texas and its sporadic weather, wonderful people, food, and the scenery. There are many incredible things to do in Texas, and if you have never been here or don't know anything about the state you are sure to find out in this post! =D

You can head on over to San Antonio for a little Texas history and visit The Alamo! Where one of the most memorable and historical symbolic figures lie. In my opinion that is where this love and pride for this lone star state began. You can read some of the history here.

Or admire the blue bonnet, the Texas state flower. It is beautiful and it only blossoms in Texas at least naturally.  Read about it here.

Maybe look into the sky and listen to a mockingbird hummmm by. "Legend has it when Texas chose the mockingbird as its state bird, the resolution stated that the bird is "a fighter for the protection of his home, falling, if need be, in its defense, like any true Texan..."...." (you can go read a little about the history here... that is where I found the legend part) =D

Taste some yummy Texas BBQ!!!! You can find the scrumptious food here.
or you can just send a friend a bouquet of Yellow Flowers for a special friend!!!!

It's where Dr. Pepper comes from! It is a yummy drink and my favorite one at that! =) you can find a little about the history here.

 Texas is known for being all about southern hospitality! :)
I hope you enjoyed my post about Texas! It was just a sporadic post!! hehe

XoXo and a Howdy,

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