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I really want to go on a shopping spree, and if you like any of the things I am about to post I will include the links for them! So I am a plus size girl and I am well aware of it, and I have been super excited to find that stores have finally realized that we are not all size 5's :) so now I get to shop for super cute clothes! woo woo

1. This bathing suit is probably the cutest ever! I found it whilst looking through the Old Navy swim section, if you like it you can find it here.

2. I have been looking for a tote bag that will hold my books, notebook, and hopefully my macbook! I believe I found the match! If you want it you can find it here.

3. I have really been into dresses lately! When I came across this really cute dress I absolutely have to have it!!!!! :) You can find it here.

4. Have I said that I am really into dresses lately? Well while I was looking at forever 21 clothes I found this polka dot with lots-o-dots dress! If you like it head on over to forever21! :)

5. We have lots of sun here in Texas so what better way to fix that than some cute sunglasses!!! You can find them here if you like them. :)

6. Another thing that I am into are headbands! So go on over and check out this cute headband!

7. I just recently bought a macbook and need to put a decal on it! If you like the decal and you want to have some super cute decor on your laptop/macbook you can find it here!!

8. Another thing that I am into are headbands, and to top it off this headband goes with the really cute dress in #3!! Woot Woot! If you would like to admire it from afar you can look find it here!

9. I love love turtles and would reallllly like this wall decal on MY wall!

10. On my other wall or another room entirely I would loove loove this wall decor!


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